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You're Finito, Frizz!

Smooth, Straight Dark Hair

It doesn't seem to matter what the season is, the chief complaint I seem to hear from clients is, "My hair is just so frizzy!"

Living in the PNW we sometimes have to put up with crazy things in order to enjoy this green, gorgeous, mild paradise. One of which is that we live in a humid climate. No, I'm not making that up -- check out your weather app if you don't believe me.

In Salem we average between 59%-85% humidity throughout the year, and not necessarily because it rains so much here! On the daily we land somewhere around 75%, but that's the outside humidity level. Because it's so rainy, we're indoors much of the time -- and believe it or not, it's more humid indoors than out (temperature changes, no external air flow, human respiration and body heat).

Ever have to turn on your car's defogger in July when there's a downpour? Yep, just proved my point.

Aside from your own natural texture, humidity is the biggest culprit when it comes to frizz. Sadly I can't cut or color your hair smooth! The best way to get rid of frizz is to avoid it in the first place -- and that is something that happens at home.

Here's some of my best suggestions on how beat the frizz, once and for all!

Starting is with a great shampoo and conditioner regimen is ideal. There's some great options out there (Joico's Smooth Cure or Redken's All Soft lines are two of my favorites), but I have the feeling you know what I'm going to recommend....Malibu C's Hard Water Wellness shampoo and Joico's Moisture Recovery Treatment Balm. Let's get rid of the mineral buildup that's raising your cuticle (Hi, frizz!) and then get as much moisture/lipids into your hair strand and lower your pH to seal the cuticle back down (Bye, frizz!). Weekly Olaplex No3 treatments are highly recommended to repair bonds and to prevent broken hair/split ends (ugh, frizz again!).

Be sure you're using either a wide-tooth comb or a WetDry Brush to detangle your hair. Using the wrong tool can cause a ton of stress and friction on the hair, as well as create static electricity. If you're not sure which to use, check out last month's blog where I covered Brushes 101.

Did you know they make specific towels to help stop frizz where it starts?? Using a traditional bath towel and then going to town on your hair to wrestle out the water is a super bad idea! Think about the last time you washed your hair.....did you use a quick back-and-forth motion with your towel to stop the drips? OMG this is SO no me gusta! This is the same motion people use to start a friction fire! AHHHHHH!!! Roughing up the hair cuticle is a guaranteed way to create frizz, even on hair that never gets frizzy.

To be honest, the best option to dry your hair is the oldest, largest, most loved t-shirt in your entire collection. After wringing out as much of the water out of your hair before you leave the shower, use the t-shirt to squeeze your hair. Then, if the shirt is big enough, wrap your hair up in a turban for a few minutes to let it absorb the rest of the water. I know this seems a little too home DIY, but I promise it works. Or, if you'd like something prettier hanging on your towel rack, pick up one of Deva Curl's microfiber hair towels -- those work pretty darn well, too.

And yes, that ridiculousness about sleeping on a silk pillowcase is true, especially if you have both curls and frizz. Tossing and turning all night on a cotton pillowcase will definitely rough up your hair and cause problems between your shampoos. Sleeping on a smooth surface will absolutely cut down on static electricity, especially during our colder months.

My basic philosophy on pop trends is, "If you remember doing this 'back in the day,' then it's not for you." Unless we're talking about scrunchies, that is! Am I recommending that the over-35 crowd wear them as an accessory? Not particularly. But for tying your hair back while you're sleeping, they're heaven sent! Not only are they more comfortable than a ponytail holder, they won't rip out your hair while you sleep. Plus tying your hair up at night is a sure-fire way to keep the frizz at bay, and they're a fantastic style extender.

But what if you've tried all of that and nothing seems to work? One of the best anti-frizz styling products I have found in years is the Color Wow Dream Coat. After spraying it in and blowing it dry, this humidity-resistant, ultra-shiny hair sealant will remove and prevent frizz for at least three shampoos! Not three days, three shampoos. And no, you don't have to blow dry your hair the following shampoos to get it smooth, that's just for the first time (Dream Coat is heat activated).

No, Dream Coat is not a keratin treatment. Yes, it sounds like one, but I promise it's not! And if the anti-frizz properties aren't what get you, I can promise it'll be the super soft feeling and high-reflection shine that will. You also get all the sleekness PLUS all the volume -- no matter how thin or fine your hair is, it won't weigh it down.

Just be sure to blow dry with a high-tension brush and point the blow dryer nozzle down the hair shaft. Why? Ever pet a cat in the wrong direction? That's what your hair looks like under a microscope when that happens.

If you never ever ever blow dry your hair, Color Wow has you covered with their Dream Coat Curly. This version will also seal your cuticle and provide ultra-soft shine, but it's only good for one shampoo, not three.

So there are some of my best suggestions -- did I leave anything out? What are some of your best tricks and strategies to tame down the frizz, or to even stop it before it starts? Let's share the knowledge and beat the PNW frizz together!

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