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Why Wellness?

Over the past two years -- since reopening the salon in our post-Covid era-- I've been working to make a concerted shift towards providing solutions in this new world of ours.

The stress and illness we've all faced has taken it's toll on our bodies and hair.

Working remotely has limited our access to human connection.

Figuring out how to educate our kids who are doing remote learning -- or folks who never had the luxury of working from home -- reduced our ability for regenerative down time.

Our lives have been full of unpredictable uncertainty, and folks' mental health has suffered.

I talk to a lot -- a lot -- of people. I've seen the same issues, the same patterns, over and over again. What I learned, especially after the 2020 lock down, is that people really value their time away in a hairstylist's chair. I also know that a visit to the hair salon is honestly less about the hair than what people think.

Which is why the shift of Style Haus Salem become a wellness salon is officially here!


What does being a wellness salon mean?

We are now providing a selection of new hair treatments that actually work. Between Covid and stress, the hair loss is real. And what isn't being shed is often very brittle, wiry, dry, coarse, frizzy, and flat. Folks are dealing with ultra-resistant grey hair that just won't take color. Stress-related scalp issues are also on the rise. In the coming weeks I'll be talking more about the treatments we offer, each chosen and road-tested as solutions for very specific issues.

Aromatherapy is huge! I've got another blog post coming talking about the science behind aromatherapy, how it helps lift mood and ease physical ailments, and can help improve mental health.

Being a Green Circle Salon means that we are collecting, recycling, and repurposing over 95% of the waste generated by your appointment. And because Green Circle only works with contractors that are carbon-negative, this offsets my footprint and makes SHS carbon neutral.

The Personalized Appointment Request is there to make sure you get exactly the type of appointment you're wanting. This form goes out 24 hours before your appointment and helps me tailor each of your visits for the space you're in. Are you missing some human connection and want a chat and a hug? Will this be a "working" appointment? Do you need some quiet, down time so you can recharge? Do you just want to watch some Netflix/listen to your podcast in peace? Each of these options are A-OK -- this is your time, I want it serve your and the mental/emotional space you're in.

We also have a new online booking system (and appointment options) to give you complete control over the services you're wanting and scheduling for. Don't want a haircut this appointment? No worries, you don't have to schedule for that. Worried about how your well water is damaging your hair? You can add on a detox treatment before you come in. You'll see the budget for your appointment right when you book it, taking out any feelings of uncertainty.

As always, we offer vegan, cruelty free, and gluten free chemicals and product options in our services. I've got the white wine and White Claws chilling, the Cab is at a lovely room temperature. Want something seasonal? With the temps in the 90s I have delicious iced cold brew coffee ready for you. The snack selection has something for everybody, gluten free and keto all the way to spicy Funyons and Oreos. Food (and beverages) is love in my world!


I'm so excited to have these changes go live on July 5th! The new booking system will be up and running the the coming week, be sure to make your new account and start poking around to see what's new.

And don't forget to fill out the Personalized Appointment Request before each visit. I'm always looking for ways to make your visit special and there's a spot where you can let me know how I can do just that!

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