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The Summer Hair Care Guide

With summer officially being here, there's a good chance we'll all be outside (socially distanced, of course) soaking up as much of the good vibes as we can.

But while Vitamin D is good for our health (and spirits), all of that UV exposure is really not great for our hair.

Here's a few tips on how to beat the heat, take care of your hair, and look cute while doing it!

First off, go easy on the tension. Hotter temperatures make it tempting to throw your hair up in a top knot or a high pony and call it good. All of that strain on your root can cause hair loss (traction alopecia) and/or tons of mid-shaft breakage. Instead, opt for an adorable, loose fishtail braid -- they're boho-chic, super easy to do but look faaaancy, and will still keep you cool.

Keep it covered! Colored hair will lighten in the sun much faster than virgin hair, so if you can, rock out an adorable hat to help protect your investment (as well as your face). Whenever possible, always use a leave-in product that has SPF or UV protection like Matrix's Keep Me Vivid Velvetizer. Vivid folks need extra extra protection, so why not use a product made especially for you? This bad boy is a MUST for all of my unicorns in the sunnier months, and it's also great for my "natural" beauties. Be sure to send me a message to make sure I have it in stock for you before your next appointment.

Limit chlorine exposure: it leeches out hair color and will 100% turn blondes green. Salt water is better than a swimming pool, but it will still wreck havoc on your hair. My best tip? Wet your hair, cover it with VERB Ghost Conditioner, and tie it up. Because your hair will be saturated and coated, it will take a while for those rough waters to make their way to your pigment. If you have gone green, Malibu C's Swimmer's Wellness Shampoo is an honest-to-goodness miracle worker, a 10 Out Of 10 Recommend!

Back off on the heat. Being out in the sun is rough enough on your hair, and exposing it to blow dryers and hot tools can sometimes be a bridge too far. Scorched hair can never be repaired, even with all of the Olaplex in the world. Try out a wet styler like Olaplex No 6 -- this product has replaced my old three-product-cocktail and helped me embrace my scrunch-and-go natural waves. Braiding damp hair and letting it dry is the texture of 2020, why not give it a go on your next shampoo day.

Wash it less if you can. Get it wet (and condition) by all means, especially if you're rocking your natural texture. But try out a cleansing rinse or clenditioner to remove buildup and oils. Not only does shampoo fade color, but constant exposure dries out both your hair and scalp (and makes hair even oilier) -- I've got a whole other blog post on that topic. I am in love with dpHUE's ACV Rinse because it helps me feel clean and refreshed, but won't try out my hair or fade my color. And since taking up kayaking this spring, the acv component really helps to cool and soothe a sunburned scalp.

HY-DRA-TION. Like all the time. On both wet and dry hair. Skip out on the lightweight conditioner and head straight to VERB's Hydrating Mask. It's just as amazing as the Joico Moisture Recovery Treatment Balm (yes, I said it!) AND it's certified vegan and cruelty-free. When wet, also go with a leave-in conditioner like Ghost Prep just to add in that extra boost. On your non-rewetting days, be sure to add the moisture back in with a dry conditioner and missing nutrients with a hair oil. Both of these SKUs will tame frizz, smooth hair, and add shine -- I really prefer using both on my longer hair to get alllll the benefits. Recommendations? VERB Ghost Oil and their outside-the-box Ghost Dry Oil are products you didn't know you were missing and will quickly become part of your daily routine.

Okay, those are my best fun-in-the-sun hair tips....but I bet you've got some great ones up your sleeve, too! Leave a comment and share some of your warmer weather hair tricks -- good hair takes a village, you know?!? :)

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