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The Benefits of Aromatherapy

My goal, when you come in for a visit (aside from gorgeous hair), is to take a moment to slow down and relax.

It's why my space is ultra private and quiet.

It's why I won't rush your consultation.

It's why there are so many beverage and snack options.

And -- most importantly -- it's why I send out the Personalized Appointment Request before each of your appointments. I want to make sure your time is spent relaxing the way you want to relax.


A piece of all of this is the recent reemergence of aromatherapy options. Now that the masks are off, we can all finally get the maximum benefits. But why use it?

Did you know that humans have over 400 olfactory receptors? It's officially the most powerful (and yet under-recognized) sense we have. Scent has the power to change your mood instantly.

Scents activate certain areas of the brain (both the limbic system and the cerebellum). The limbic system -- the amygdala and hippocampus) -- are responsible for both triggering the central nervous system and the release of happy-feeling neurotransmitters like serotonin and dopamine.

The hippocampus is responsible for storing and recalling memories.

If we use our powerful sense of smell, we can positively trigger our hippocampus to start releasing relaxing and feel-good chemicals in our brain.

These chemicals then tell our amygdala -- the most primal part of our brain responsible for the fight/flight/freeze reflex -- to slow down and relax. These happy feelings tell our central nervous system that we are safe, that things are okay, and that things will continue to be okay (so we don't have to be on alert).

Triggering the hippocampus through scent finally both stores the memory that the space you're in (my space) is a happy, relaxing, and peaceful place....and reminds your brain that this space is a happy, relaxing, and peaceful place at every future visit.


This is why I always have the same scents diffusing in my space -- that way your primal brain experiences being at SHS even though your higher functions already knows that.

I use a combination of lime (to lift mood and relax your airways for easier breathing), spearmint (to fight headaches and to comfort emotional stress), and ginger (to boost confidence and reduce anxiety). It's a custom blend and very intentionally selected.

And in order to truly make the most of what you need at each and every visit, I offer a selection of different oils to help trigger your brain (and olfactory system) in the way that you feel you need it most). Anti-anxiety blends, full body relaxation blends, mood boosting blends, single scents like lavender, and even rotation seasonal blends are options you can choose from.

Which is why filling out the Personalized Appointment Request is so much fun to fill out -- you get to choose how you want to feel!

The link is on your appointment reminder email that comes 72 hours before your next appointment. If you've never taken advantage of this complementary aspect of your appointment, be sure to scroll down when you get this next email.

I promise your mood, brain, and central nervous system will thank you!

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