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The Airing of the Grievances

Y'all know that when I'm in on something, I am all in!

Olaplex has been a complete game changer, both in terms of what I can (healthily) create during a hair appointment, as well as all of the amazing things it can do for home hair care. There isn't one product in their home line that I don't love. LOVE.

VERB's Ghost line has been the perfect compliment to Olaplex. The Ghost line adds the missing hydration and nutrition that Olaplex doesn't emphasize as much. Plus, the SKUs from both companies don't necessarily overlap.

And if you've never overlapped the Olaplex pineapple-citrus scent with Ghost's grapefruit-oatmeal, you haven't lived.

My one complaint -- ONE -- is that neither of these lines have a toning product solution for those of us (blondes or brunettes) who struggle with brass.

Instead of continuing to complain about it, I decided to create my own solution.....


Now, with the help of IGK Mixed Feeling Toning Drops, I can now convert almost any product you purchase here at SHS into a toning product.

And the best part? The shade and potency is tailored just for your hair!

I've got full details over on youtube where I did a little video about how all of this works.

Have questions? I can't wait to answer them! Be sure to ask at your next appointment, or send me an email at -- because YES I can ship these directly to your home!

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