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That Post-Quarantine Life

You know me -- not knowing when I can reopen won't stop me from making sure you're prepared for your first time back to the salon!

Or at least, life in the salon post-quarantine.

With no mention of an official reopening date, plus the West Coast State Pact in place, knowing when I can open my doors is the million dollar question.

But you know me -- not knowing when I can reopen isn't going to stop me from being prepared. And part of that preparation is making sure you're prepared. And I'm not just talking PPE (although that's totally gonna be a thing).

Depending on when we can return, and how long it's been, you may have missed one, two, or even THREE appointments! Or maybe you were due for your 6 month (or 12 month) balayage retouch, only to have it postponed by another three months.

Regardless, the root retouch/reglaze/reconnect appointment we had previously scheduled no longer applicable. Maybe you have a ton a regrowth. Maybe your length is shot. Maybe you dabbled in a box color (it's ok!) and we need to figure it out. OR after many free hours on Pinterest, you have a completely new hair goal in mind.

In any case, let's talk about what the New Normal is going to look like when it comes to your first hair appointment back.



If you've missed one (or more) appointments during the pandemic, please know your first appointment back is going to take longer than usual.⠀

We're going to need time to chat A LOT about what issues you've been experiencing and to find specific solutions for you.⠀

Please know that you likely won't be in for a usual "retouch." There's a good chance you've got so much grow out that this appointment might be more like "starting from scratch." And that takes TIME...and even possibly a few sessions.⠀



And no, I don't mean a dusting.⠀

If you've been overdue for your appointment, here's some concerns that we need to address:⠀

  • Split Ends⠀

  • Dry lengths⠀

  • Mechanical/Thermal Damage⠀

  • Running out of good products to take care of your hair at home⠀

There is a 99% chance a haircut of an inch or more will be recommended at your first appointment back to get your hair back to being healthy, polished, shaped up, and looking GOOD.⠀

I promise, it'll be ok -- but be sure to look up a cute new hairstyle on Pinterest while you've got extra time on your hands.⠀



Time equals hair growth, and depending on how long your last appointment was, we have *that much* more hair to cover when we get together. And a brand-new hair goal almost always require more magic in those bowls.

It's good to know this so you can prepare to adjust your Beauty Budget.⠀

Luckily I use Salon Scale technology at each of your appointments, to calculate real-time chemical costs and to store your formula.⠀

If you're curious to see where you're at, please ask! I promise it's not weird, and it's no trouble at all.⠀



Hair that hasn't seen a hairdresser in a while has been missing out on serious hydration.⠀

Couple that with a lack of Olaplex treatments and trims, and that hair is now DRYYYYYYYYY.⠀

And -- if you're a SHS client -- your hair is used to getting a deep conditioning treatment at EVERY appointment. For many of you, that means you're getting a treatment at least once a month.⠀

Salon quality, INTENSIVE deep conditioning treatments will be KEY when we all return!⠀

These will help retain your color results, and prevent as significant of a haircut as you may need. Plus your hair will feel and look so much SOFTER and HEALTHIER.⠀

For all of my infrequent shampooers, if you've never had a scalp exfoliating treatment before -- trust me -- you haven't LIVED.

I had some amazing new products and services ready to launch in March, but it looks like that debut could not have been postponed at a better time!

Here's a link to my NEW youtube channel showing you how the NEW Redken HeatCure Intensive Treatment works -- you can't get hydration any more powerful than this ( also lasts 7-10 shampoos)!

SHS will be offering THREE different levels of in-salon deep conditioning treatments, and my gift is all levels will be 20% off when we get back to the salon!

I'll also be carrying the dpHUE ACV Scalp Scrub and Rinse, it'll make your hair so soft AND those toes CURL. The Olaplex in-salon intensive treatment is always available for those of us who skipped too many No 3 sessions during the quarantine.

Psssst -- needing some Olaplex products STAT??? I'm officially a commissioned Olaplex affiliate! Click here to order and have your products delivered directly to your door in a matter of days.



Girl, I get it!⠀

This quarantine was long, and those roots got even LONGER.⠀

If you grabbed something off the shelf -- or ordered it from Amazon -- IT'S OK!⠀

It may take us some time, but I will do my best to get you back to where you were. Or to get you to that new look you were hoping that box would give you.⠀

Even if it was just a tiny bit of root cover, because of the harsh chemicals and FABRIC DYES (seriously WTH) in box color, your much-anticipated retouch appointment will likely turn into a correction.⠀

I love you, and I certainly don't judge you! Please just let me know what you used (because, yes, I can tell you did) so I know how to approach it.

Let's glove-up, roll up our sleeves, and get to work!⠀



Toners aren't just for color clients. These services have a low-ammonia pH, which seals down cuticles and makes hair smooth and shiny.

Clear glosses do exist, making them IDEAL for my non-color, haircut-only folks. They also can brighten dull salt-and-pepper hair, making that natural silver GLEAM.

Adding in Olaplex into the formula, and your toner has now become a treatment...your hair is now HEALTHIER than before you had it glossed! Don't be shocked if I suggest a toner/gloss -- it could be the tame wiry hair, smooth out dry lengths, and pick-me-up you didn't know you needed!



There's a good shot you've run out of your shampoo/conditioner/Olaplex/Pulp Riot stylers since I saw you last.

There's an EVEN BETTER chance that with this huuuuuuge gap between your last appointment and today your hair has different needs now -- and you'll need to switch products in order to address those needs.

It's always good to take a look at your Beauty Budget and factor in a product purchase before your appointment, this time around especially.

Don't worry -- I only recommend road-tested and trusted products that are perfect for YOUR hair and what it needs, at every price point!

This is also the time to tell me what your styling struggles are. We all have them, and sometimes the solution is totally outside the box (and possibly something you might already have at home). No question is dumb or silly, absolutely none of us came out of the womb knowing how to style hair!


This will be interesting adjusting to the New Normal, I know I'm equal parts excited and anxious about going back to life outside my home...whenever that will be.

I just hope that you're able to see my huge smile underneath my mask as soon as you walk in. Stay safe and healthy, I'm crossing my fingers that we see each other before June.

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