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Swap It and Save

Under your bathroom sink -- is that a graveyard of Hair Care Products Past?

Items you were so excited about, tried a few times, were maybe underwhelmed, and now you've totally forgotten about them....much less how to use them????

Knowing you've likely got a collection of old products that you're a bit MEH about -- and that they can and DO expire -- why not get rid of them???

This month, you can swap out ANY partially used product for 20% off any VERB or Olaplex replacement!

Let's talk about what's in stock!


VERB - $18 each

Ghost Shampoo: color safe, hydrating shampoo ideal for fine hair textures (can also be custom-blended for blonde or brunette toning purposes).

Moisture Mask: provides necessary intensive hydration for all hair types/densities.

Ghost Prep: heat-protecting blowout cream that provides great foundation for heat styling.

Ghost Oil: a lightweight heat protecting serum up to 450 degrees that provides key nutrition to color-treated hair.

Ghost Oil Spray: refreshes lengths, adds shine, and hydrates dry/stiff hair in-between shampoos -- an absolute MUST for day 3-5 wear and brush outs.

Hairspray: lightweight enough for daily use, enough memory to act like a texture spray.


OLAPLEX - $28 each

No 0: their newest product, the foundation to a No 3 treatment to allow for better absorption and repair than just using No 3 alone.

No 3 Hair Perfector: the OG & Holy Grail of Olaplex, a patented weekly treatment that rebuilds bonds and repairs the hair. This can also be custom-blended into a vivid color bomb.

No 4 Bond Maintenance Shampoo: color-safe shampoo perfect for drier hair that needs both hydration and the repair that only Olaplex technology can provide (can also be custom-blended for blonde or brunette toning purposes).

No 5 Bond Maintenance Conditioner: thicker than a traditional conditioner but not as heavy as a deep conditioning treatment, provides a mini-Olaplex treatment at every use.

No 6 Bond Smoother: provides 72 hours of frizz-free hydration, is perfect as a style finisher & preserver, day 2 heat protection, or brings out the natural texture of scrunch-and-go wet a touch of Olaplex healing.

No 7 Bonding Oil: an ultra-light, non-staining oil with UV protection, protection up to 450 degrees, great for flat ironing or curling, and includes Olaplex rebonding technology.


Don't forget, there's some serious perks to purchasing directly from a licensed hair professional:

* Recommendations tailored for your hair's needs

* A 1:1 tutorial on exactly how to use your new product

* Each purchase counts towards your SHS Insider Rewards points for more free products

* It's the only way to get products faster than Amazon Prime

* Getting products that are guaranteed to not have expired

* Knowing professional products are more concentrated than drugstore alternatives, saving money in the long run

* Ensuring the results of your color service investment

* Helping to support ultra-small local businesses, knowing your purchase means to much more to them than Ulta, Rite Aid, or Jeff Bezos ;)

PLUS I'll be emptying and appropriately recycling your old product bottles...that's one less thing you have to worry about!

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