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Banishing Roots in the Time of Coronavirus

This morning, as I was touching up my loooong overdue roots, it crossed my mind -- what happens if you and I cant see each other as we planned to?

There is so much stress right now, and looking at grey roots (or a funky color, or a faded rainbow) is one more thing we don't need....and likely something a matter we'll take into our own hands.

I worried! Box colors are so damaging to the hair and often times don't come out the shade we carefully picked. Or -- even worse -- do you order something off Amazon and hope for the best?


Then It Hit Me

What if there was a way I could get to you your unique, custom-crafted color formula and all of the supplies to you?

Would it alleviate some of your stress knowing it would magically show up on your doorstep?


I thought about all of the things I had on my bathroom counter, and realized I could get this exact care package to you!

Whether you are a grey-coverage client, needing a toner-refresh on your grown-out balayage, or have a faded fashion color about to get an overhaul, I can make this happen.

Your hair would look beautiful and "put together," there wouldn't be any home box-color goofs, and we wouldn't have to spend a long (and expensive) appointment undoing anything we did to get you by.

In general, think of this care package as a "covering-the-parts-people-can-see" band-aid, nothing too tricky or anything you'd need a second pair of hands for.


What Would This Look Like?

Your kit would include:

  • Your unique, specific color formula pigments, blended in the appropriate ratios. The number of formulas or amounts would depend on your specific hair services and what you would need.

  • The correct amount (and correct strength!) of developer needed for your specific color services.

  • A detailed, step-by-step color application email that also includes MSDS information about chemical ingredients.

  • A professional bowl and brush to apply the color.Professional (and durable) gloves.

  • A professional-grade comb to blend your color.

  • A processing cap.

  • A deep conditioning treatment (while supplies last).

Custom-blended "color bombs" for fashion/vivid color clients are also available and can be created using either a deep conditioner OR Olaplex No 3 as a base.

Other hair products that you may be needing (shampoos/conditioners/stylers/Olaplex) could be added to your care package as requested.


Any Idea on a Price Point?

Pricing for this service would vary upon the numbers of formulas and amounts chemicals requested, as well as any additional hair care products added to your order.

Conveniently, I would be able to email a Square invoice to you that could be paid online, with Square's secure servers.

Fill out your home address on the invoice, and magically they'll arrive on your front porch -- this way you get all of the social distancing PLUS great hair!


If you would be interested in a Style Haus Salem care package, please reply to this message or send me an email at

With an ever-fluid and ever-changing situation, though you might not be interested today, this could be just the fix your hair needs 2, 4, or more weeks from now.

Delivers would be available as long as local guidelines allow.

Please stay safe and healthy, and if you have any questions, send a message and let's chat specifics!

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