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Pop Quiz!

Adult students taking a test

It's time to put your hair knowledge and skills to the test -- don't worry, I know you've got this!

Not all curling iron/hot tools are created the same.

In fact, those barrel sizes matter.

So does flat iron vs wand vs curling iron.

Instead of talking about what each of these do, I thought I might do a little visual assessment.....and see if you can match the hot tool to the type of curl it makes. This way you know which weapon to choose for the type of look you want that day!

Here's your testing material.....

Mannequin head with letters to identify curl pattern

And now here are your five options for responses:

1. Flat Iron

2. 1" Standard Curling Iron

3. 1" Straight Barrel Curling Wand

4. 1.25" Standard Curling Iron

5. 1.25 Cone Shaped Curling Wand

Take a second and match up the letter to the number...I promise they're all accounted for.

Want to see the curls in action? No worries, I gotchu!

Scroll down to see if you got your answers right....and for some info as to how or why you'd use which tool for which job.

A is answer 4, the 1.25" Standard Curling Iron. This is the gold-standard for barrel size for anyone with hair longer than above the shoulders. Depending on your technique you can get beachy waves or traditional curls, it's all in the wrists and whether you leave out the ends.

B is answer 3, the 1" Straight Barrel Curling Wand. Notice how wrapping the curl gives a result almost as tight at the 1.25" Standard Curling Iron. The straight barrel gives a uniform shape to the spiral and will give one of the longest-lasting and most "undone" curls of all the tools.

C is answer 1, the Flat Iron. Using a flat iron with a curved shape (not flat/blunt plates) is KEY for getting beach waves: if you're struggling with using a flat iron when curling, this is likely why. These suckers are HOT and you're pinching your hair between two hot plates, so PLEASE use an amazing heat-protecting serum! Curling your hair with a flat iron vs a wand is like cooking a panini vs a traditional grilled cheese sandwich...consider that the next time you think about skipping your heat protectant!

D is answer 2, the 1" Standard Curling Iron. Using this on shorter-than-shoulder-length hair will give the same effect as the 1.25" standard curling hair on longer lengths. This is also the size to use for any formal/updo styling; it gives great structure and volume for pinning, and the tighter curl provides better longevity as the event wears on and the curls relax.

E is answer 5, the 1" Cone Shaped Curling Wand. Cone shaped wands create a curl pattern that is looser at the scalp and tighter on the ends, creating a very natural coil (or spiral) shape. PRO-TIP: always make sure that the tip of the wand is facing down when you're wrapping in order to not end up with a wonky shape.

Alright y'all, how many did you guess correctly? I'd love to know how you did on today's Hair Pop Quiz -- leave a comment with your score and get your bragging rights on!

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