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Permanently Banishing Those Greys

Remember that classic SNL sketch, the one with David Spade and Helen Hunt working as super snotty airline attendants...that no matter what the passengers said or asked for, they responded with a dismissive, "Buh Bye"?

That's my attitude towards my own grey. I'm naturally a medium brunette, so when I came across my own first silver at 17 that sucker got yanked out.

They came in so quickly that by the end of my college freshman year I was dealing with grey coverage box kits in my dorm room.

I think that's why I find grey coverage services soooo satisfying. Seeing the pigment I've applied start to oxidize and turn the color your hair ought to be is right up there with a super good stretch or getting my hands on bubble wrap. It's so good.

Permanent hair color is still is the most traditional way to deal with silver strands, ideal for the folks who want to see every. single. grey. hair. covered.

Bye Bye Bye

Using permanent color and a stronger developer makes sure the pigment penetrates the hair shaft and gives opaque coverage, make you lighter or darker than your natural color, and will soften a very coarse, wiry, frizzy cuticle (thanks Olaplex).

We don't just have to do one color....often times I will toss in some traditional foils at the crown to help break up the look and add dimension (and to help blend out the inevitable regrowth). Or we can do some tone-on-tone melting (phenomenal for brunettes and gingers) to add subtle dimension for that so-natural-you-can't-clock-it look.

OR we can talk about one of my signature looks, a technique I created called "fauxliage." In non-hairdresser terms basically I'm faking a balayage like the kids have, except with the added benefit of grey coverage! This gives a very natural, very current and on-trend look without any more maintenance that a root retouch (and a little glossing while we're waiting for your roots to process).

Maintenance with permanent color is definitely a mixed bag: if you want to feel instantly youthful, nothing is more satisfying that getting rid of every single grey. But in about 3 weeks those grey roots will because a little frustrating -- it's best to have some root cover camouflage spray on hand at home to tide you over to your retouch appointment.

Depending on how fast your hair grows and the percentage of silver you're dealing with, it's best to pre-book your appointments for every 4-6 weeks.


How about a bonus, outside-the-box strategy......? Ever consider ADDING to your silver collection?

I have quite a few folks who don't mind their greys and are bummed that they don't have more....or more in the right spots! Now that our color companies are creating glosses that mimic steely, icy, or dove greys, I can most definitely create some very striking silver pieces that embrace the grey trend and look very sophisticated.

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