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One Shade to Rule Them All

Spring is typically the time of year we reinvent ourselves -- I mean, if nature can do it, why can't we?

I think for most of us we gravitate to what's familiar and comfortable when it comes to our look. Even if we are itching to try something new, it can be scary and intimidating.

It can be hard to incorporate something new into our wardrobe (or makeup/hair repertoire). Like where do I start? Am I hopping on a fad train? Will this make me look like I'm trying too hard? Will it even look good on me at all???

After some serious reflection and experimentation, there is a sure-fire way to update your look -- from the subtle to the dramatic -- that is 100% guaranteed to look good on you! Incorporate rose gold for Spring 2019.

Yes, I know it's super trendy, but there's a reason for that. This shade is a universal flatterer for skin shades ranging from ultra-pale to the richest ebony, and compliments both cool and warm skin undertones. The delicate tone livens up those who feel washed out and also brings a gorgeous contrast against darker skin. The pinkier rose gold compliment those with an olive complexion, and the more yellow versions look amazing against those who have a warmer, "peaches and cream" tone.

Rose gold also reflects a warm glow on to the skin, making everyone look soft, pretty, healthy, and youthful.

Basically, if you have skin, it's going to look great on you. And now that rose gold is seguing from "trend" to "classic," this shade can be found anywhere in the fashion/cosmetic world.

I love wearing it as a clothing piece as it's a bit edgier than it's kid sister pastel/millennial pink. It looks great as an accessory (bold hoop earrings anyone?) or as a top, kimono, or romper. You can incorporate a piece here and there if you aren't necessarily a pink person and not overwhelm yourself. It's almost the new neutral, because think of a shade it doesn't go well with!

If you already have some rose gold in your wardrobe, consider upping your game switching up your makeup look. Now that we're officially out of winter, tuck away your smoky eye palette and basic browns and taupes! Need a suggestion? I have been in love with the Morphe x Jaclyn Hill The Vault Bling Boss palette since it was released late last year. It's stocked with 10 different universally flattering, highly pigmented shades in both mattes and shimmers. And the best part??? There are three different "rose gold" tones to choose from -- one that leans more towards pink, another that leans towards gold, and a third that is riiiiiiiight in the middle! Plus with all of the accent tones, at $15, this palette is a must-have if you like to dabble in eye shadow.

But what about my lippie folks? Kat Von D released a limited edition Lolita shade in her Everlasting Glimmer Veil collection that is totally wearable and totally to die for! By itself it's a gorgeous, long-wearing, shimmering formula perfect for work -- or layer it over your favorite nude or pink shade for high-impact evening out.

Want to play with rose gold but cosmetics or accessories are too much of a commitment? Try out nail color! Kiara Sky makes an absolutely spectacular shade in both their nail polish and dip powder called Tahitian Princess. It's the perfect combination of warm and cool sparkly rose tones, guaranteed to get you compliments when you're out and about. Give it a Google, trust me!

And, of course, you know I'm going to to make this about hair.... Rose gold could not be any hotter when it comes to hair color! Whether you try it as a pastel or a saturated tone, as a few highlights or an all-over color, it is 100% going to be amazing on you! Rose gold has become such a high-demand color that numerous manufactures are making it as a direct dye (for the commitment-phobic) and as a semi-permanent toner (for longer wear). But you know this hairdresser always has something a bit extra up her sleeve....

I've now partnered with Trillion Tones, a color line that allows the hairdresser to formulate any color as a direct dye, semi-permanent toner, or a permanent color. Yes, you read that right: any shade under the sun can now be a permanent, long-wearing hair color. It was the thing in the Unicorn Tribe was needing, and now I've got my hands on it! So if you're wanting to make the big commitment to rose gold hair, I have the path to that in my arsenal.

So what are you thoughts on rose gold? Have you branched out and tried did you like it? Or do you think you'll try out any of these recommendations?? Share in the comments...I want to know how you're going to wear it!

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