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My 10 Favorite Hair Hacks

This month -- because the Holiday season is officially here and we're all pressed for time -- I thought I'd put together a list of my Top 10 (and a bonus) hair "work-arounds" that I talk about with my clients day after day in my chair. Something tells me that at least one of these miiiight be an A-HA moment for you!


Brush Your Hair Before Washing It

For those of us who go multiple days between shampoos, thoroughly brushing out your hair before climbing in the shower will significantly reduce the size of the hair monster you have to clean out of your drain later. Because EW.

Cut Back on Frizz with One Swap Out

If you go more than every-other-day between your shampoos, it's time to permanently replace your regular conditioner for a deep conditioning mask. And use it after you shampoo every time. Going longer between washes is better for your color and scalp health, but that means your length is skipping a regular moisture infusion. Likely that frizzy hair is caused from being dry, try this swap to see if it helps.

Got an Itchy Scalp?

Add in an apple cider rinse post conditioner. The vinegar is both anti-microbial and anti-fungal (in case that's the issue), and believe it or not the low pH of the apple cider vinegar is soothing to irritated skin. There's lots of DIY ACV Rinse recipes out there (please do not put undiluted vinegar on your scalp), or try out dp Hue's. I promise any residual vinegar scent dissipates the minute you use your styling products.

Annoying Fly-Aways

I've got a couple of options. One, spray an aerosol hairspray on the side of a comb and use it to "wipe over" (not comb through) the surface level frizzies. If that doesn't work, use 1-2 pumps of hand lotion and rub that over your arms -- with the barest of traces left on your palms, gently smooth over the frizz.

Tired of Short-Lived Flat Ironing or Curls that Fall Flat?

Easy! Before using a hot tool (flat iron/curling iron/curling wand/hot rollers), generously spray your hair -- including the interior density -- with an aerosol hairspray. Wait just a second for it to dry and then thoroughly brush it through. Now iron away! I promise you'll never feel it, and it will give your style memory. Not to mention our PNW drizzle has a hard time getting though the "coating," significantly reducing the chance of frizz in your forecast.

Don't Get Rid of that Old T-Shirt

Well-loved t-shirts are an amazing option (instead of a towel) when drying your hair. The soft, finer fibers really reduce frizz, are more absorbent than a bath towel, and allow you to feel your hair through it (this helps reduce frizz and hair breakage from crushing the hair with a terrycloth towel).

Be Bougie and Get That Silk Pillowcase

Silk pillowcases reduce friction/tension on the hair while you sleep, helping to extend your style as well as cut back on Day Two frizz. They're also anti-bacterial and will absorb excess product from your hair, ensuring it won't transfer to your face (bye bye breakouts!).

Swap Out Your Ponytail Elastics for Invisibobbles or Scrunchies

I promise those old school elastics are breaking your hair. If you haven't made the change, it's really time you do. Be sure to pick up some silk scrunchies while your at it to tie your hair up while you sleep.

Don't Wear Your Hair Up Too Many Days in a Row

Traction Alopecia is real! Putting that kind of tension on the scalp can weaken the hair bulb and cause it to shed prematurely. Pull a particular strand out enough times, it can become permanent. If you have to wear your hair up, change the location of your pony or bun on your head every day. Or consider braids.

Use a Matte Eye Shadow to Bolster Wimpy Hairlines

This one is a hack from the modeling/photography world. If you don't have access to a root cover spray (which works just as well), grab a matte eye shadow that's in the taupe/ash brown spectrum and a stubby, short bristle brush. Load it up and tap that into your hairline on those ponytail/bun days. It's a small step that makes a huge difference.

My Favorite Curl Extender

Having an amazing hair day? Extend that joy into tomorrow with a little Olaplex No 6. Before going to bed, flip your hair upside down and use a pea-sized amount to scrunch (not finger comb) that through your curls (natural or ironed). Then immediately tie your hair up with one of those silk scrunches we already talked about. The next morning, take down the scrunchie, flip your hair upside down again, and use just a little more No 6 to refresh the curls and tame any frizz -- no need to do any more!

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