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Mango Pico de Gallo

Now that summer is finally here (along with a chance to socialize with our nearest and dearest), it's time to start thinking about what you'll bring to your 4th of July gathering.

A couple of years ago I was looking to come up with a not-salsa, something a bit different than the usual stuff in a jar.

I've also had to come to terms that most nightshade vegetables and I really don't get along (but man, are they good).

I love well-seasoned and flavorful food, but stuff that's not necessarily hot. I do like a sweet and savory combo as well.

Plus, you know me....I want easy prep!

Since coming up with this idea (and refining my ratios) I get requests for this once the warmer weather starts coming around. It's a great dip, and I've heard from family it's amazeballs on chicken soft tacos.

Here's the only issue: the star ingredient really needs to be in season and ripe. If they're borderline, this isn't very good. Luckily now is the ideal time to make it!

You've also got to be in the "cilantro is delicious," not the "cilantro tastes like soap," camp, LOL.

Give this mango pico de gallo a spin next weekend and let me know how it goes over!

PS -- I've got a super easy hack for de-seeding and peeling mango. Send me a message if you need it. :)



4 large ripe mango

2 white onion

1 bunch fresh cilantro

1 medium lime

Seeded and diced jalapeno (if desired)

Dice mango into 1/4" pieces, add both fruit and any juice to large bowl.

Dice white onion into pieces smaller than the mango, somewhere between 1/4" and a chunky mince. Add to bowl and mix.

Finely chop the entire bunch of cilantro leaves and add between half-to-entire bunch to bowl (this is totally a preference thing). Add to bowl and mix.

Add juice of entire lime. Mix thoroughly.

If you'd like some heat, add in the jalapeno, and mix one more time.

I like to put in the fridge to let flavors combine. Once chilled, I leave it on the counter for about an hour to warm up a bit before serving.

Strong recommendation: serve with Juanita's chips. They won't break under the weight of the pico plus the salt content is perfect for enhancing the sweetness of the mango.

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