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Let’s Talk Treatments

With all of the new treatment additions to the Style Haus Salem menu, I thought I would spotlight each one, talk about what each one does, and when it’s best to have them done. I have road-tested each and every one of these and I’ve been blown away by the results. And you know me, I won’t recommend anything unless I’ve tried it out and can vouch that it actually works!


For out first installment I though I’d talk about one of my favorite additions, the Pre-Color Prep Treatment!

This 5-minute vegan/cruelty free/gluten free treatment gets your hair ready for your color service.

It will:

✅ Ready resistant grey hair for optimal coverage

✅ Remove brassiness to reveal your true color

✅ Prepare your hair for exceptional toner absorption and color longevity

The Pre-Color Prep treatment is such a miracle worker that I recommend doing it at EVERY color appointment -- goodness knows I use it myself at my every 4-week retouch session and my resistant grey hair now takes color so much better! I also get so much. Ore body and shine through my length, which I’m also enjoying.

Send me an email if you’re curious if the Pre-Color Prep Treatment would be a good addition to your next appointment, or you can go online to the new booking system and easily add it yourself!

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