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Is There a Hair Oil That's Right for Me?

In a word, yes!

Over the course of my career, it seems that I have come to specialize in fine hair. Not necessarily thin hair (a low density, though I do that, too), but strands that have a smaller diameter and are a bit more fragile.

There's quite the balancing act for fine hair, making sure you've got enough hydration to care for it without weighing it down.

The distance between nourished and greasy is very short, amirightI?!?

This is why I work with three different oil formulas at the studio because I know that a) you need it and b) to have the correct one on hand for your needs.

Here's a quick breakdown of the ones I use every day and loooooove -- that way you'll know which one is best for you!


First, let's start with the heaviest of the three oils I use, VERB's Ghost Oil.

Despite its thicker viscosity, I promise it's great for fine hair....although I do also use this one for thicker/coarser strands.

The Ghost products focus on hair nutrition, so they're packed with B vitamins and Moringa oil. Both are proven to help hair withstand environmental stressors.

I use this one as a smoothing/finishing product (bye bye frizz!) and is part of my personal perfect trio Scrunch-And-Go cocktail that makes the most of my natural texture.

Most frequently VERB's Ghost Oil comes out as my heat protectant of choice. I love how a couple of pumps really protect the hair but don't leave a greasy residue. It's clear color also means it will never stain light colored hair (yep, that's a thing) and cause blondes to go brassy.

It creates the loveliest shine on the hair, and their trademark grapefruit-oatmeal scent is still there after the hair has been heat-treated.


But what if I have fine hair and a low density?

Or oils of any kind always weigh me down?

What about my super-fragile color that needs anti-fade protection?

Enter Olaplex No 7 Bonding Oil.

This one is my go-to for heat protection on my ultra-fine folks and/or my ultra-fragile (read: platinum) blondes.

Olaplex No 7 is so lightweight that just a couple of drops from it's super-smart dispenser is enough to work through the hair.

I also really like this one for the final step in smoothing fly-aways, to break up curls, and to add overall, non-greasy shine.

It's also one of the few heat protectents on the market that has both UVA/UVB protection (hello sunblock!) and it designed to shield hair from up to 450 degrees.

Finally, because it is an Olaplex product, it includes their disulfide-repairing technology -- you're getting the benefits of a mini Olaplex treatment whenever you use it.


I've got two words for you: Dry Oil.

I know that's an oxymoron, but it really is a thing.

VERB created an aerosol version of their amazing Ghost Oil for when you need just a bit of hydration or a refresh.

With the advent of dry shampoo and hairdressers encouraging extending shampoos for as long as possible, hair doesn't get exposed to frequent moisture treatments like it used to.

Lemme explain: not washing your hair is great for your color, but you're also skipping frequent conditioning -- which isn't so great for your length.

Moisture-starved hair is stiff hair, and stiff hair breaks when its under tension.

I personally use VERB's Ghost Dry Oil spray every morning on the days that I don't wash. I use it even before I break out the dry shampoo!

I spray a healthy amount through my length so that I can brush through it without causing any breakage. Giving my hair an extra shot of moisture means it will loosen up tangles and be more pliable -- so that when I tug on it with my brush it will bend, not break.

If you're a person that sees "hair shrapnel" in the bathroom sink when you brush it out, you need this product in your life.

Because it's so light it's designed to be used multiple days in a row. I promise there won't be any greasy buildup!

This particular dry oil is also considered a "dry conditioner," meaning it will refresh your length (like a dry shampoo), making it feel cleaner and smell amazing (that trademark VERB grapefruit-oatmeal scent) even though it's been several days since it was shampooed.


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