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Feeling Off But Don't Know Where to Start

Over the past 18 months I've notice more than a few hair trends, none of which are necessarily ones that we want to see:

* Brittle, breaking hair

* Thinning hair

* An influx of silver strands

* Hair color feeling/looking drab and dull

Stress is quite the taskmaster, and goodness knows we've all had more than our share these past few years.

And sadly, stress really can (and does) age us, especially in regards to the color and quality of our hair.

I've put together a list of strategies in case any of these issues are something you're struggling with -- or if your hair just doesn't look "right" but you don't have an idea of what the specific cause could be.

Thinning Hair

Stress really can slow down the natural hair growth cycle. If you're feeling finer recently, maybe it might be time to change your part (if at all possible). Often times we're thicker on one side than the other and it might just do the trick.

Or perhaps try out a root lifter when blowing your hair dry, these really make a difference.

Using your favorite dry shampoo on clean, day-one hair can add a ton of volume without creating a stiff helmet.

Maybe try out a style that has more texture than you're currently wearing. Curls, waves, and long texturized layers can create the illusion of extra volume.

As the percentage of silver increases in our hair, it can feel like it looks like we're thinning (white hair is absolutely translucent when up against our pale scalps). It might be time to increase the frequency of your maintenance appointments -- and a root cover spray is an absolute life saver!

If you really are concerned about thinning, this is a great conversation to have with your doctor. Often this can be hormone related and they can help. Toppik makes a phenomenal product that will hide grow out with a powder formula that has little fibers in it. These make the scalp more matte (to hide the skin) and will bulk up your density (like a styling powder volumizer). They make a ton of shades (including a white and a natural grey) and I've seen it work wonders for my clients.

Brittle, Breaking Hair

Stressed hair can often often brittle; we need to keep in pliable so that it has movement and -- most importantly -- doesn't break! My first suggestion (especially if wiry silver hair is in the mix) is to always try a deep conditioning mask. Hair is almost always dehydrated and this can make a big difference.

Also using styling products that are super hydrating (Hi Olaplex No 6!) that aren't heavy is key. If you haven't tried out a dry conditioner (whaaaaaattt??), now's the time.

Doing everything you can to ensure the outer layer of your hair is as reinforced as possible is the best strategy. Incorporating K18 into your haircare mix will keep it flexible, strong, soft, and frizz-free.

Flat Color/Feeling "Mousy"

Stressed out hair can appear flat and dull. If you're looking for a quick, no-commitment-necessary option, maybe try out a glossing treatment. Going just one shade darker -- or even just a little warmer -- can do a ton for our overall look. Plus you get a ton of shine, cuts back on frizz, and no annoying roots!

If a treatment isn't something you're interested in, maybe start experimenting with shine products. There are several I love that are perfect for finer strands that won't make hair greasy or limp. Reflecting the light off your hair can really enhance your natural highs and lows.

For My Greying Gals

Did you know that as we age we lose pigment in both our hair and our skin! Adding back the rich undertones you're missing will give you an overall healthier, more youthful glow. What does that look like?

* Blondes opting to shy away from platinum/ash tones, or even going too neutral -- consider asking for a natural "cornsilk" shade.

* Brunettes you have the option of adding gold, red, or both tones to your color. If you're wondering if your hair is "too dark/severe for me," chances are making the shade a bit more rich will fix these concerns. Adding just a little of these shades to your formula won't make you look brassy and will "soften" the dark shade.

* Redheads don't go grey...they go "drab." Be fearless and add that copper back in! Or, if you're worried about roots/maintenance, go with a color 1-2 shades lighter than you've been doing and more golden -- your pheomelanin (the pigment that makes a redhead) will jive with the gold and you'll come out a beautiful, natural slightly-darker-than-strawberry blonde.

Keeping your hair color dimensional creates interest, volume, and movement in the hair. Dimension can be as high-impact or subtle and soft as you'd like, and is really fun to play around with.

Not every silver strand strategy requires a solid, opaque color to keep them camouflaged! Every one of our appointments have built-in consultation time, so lets talk about how your hair color makes you feel and make sure we're making the most of your look.

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