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Fall 2019 Haircolor Trends You'll Fall For!

“I'm so glad I live in a world where there are Octobers.” ― L. M. Montgomery, Anne of Green Gables

Okay OKAY -- I know it's only September, but you can't blame a girl for being excited for FALL! Boots and scarves and falling leaves and pumpkin patches and HALLOWEEN, hooray!!!!

That being said, there's two times a year that the big hair trends come out, spring and fall. Last February I covered all of the Spring 2019 hair color trends in a series of social media posts, this time I wanted to make sure something as important as this doesn't get buried in your news feed.

Are you ready? Here we GO!


This fall, we are looking at a couple of options! Spring was all about golden shades -- Fall 2019 is about going both darker AND neutral! Ash tones are still out (sorry Elsas!), but we're moving away from the sunny tones to something more middle-of-the-road. And when I say darker, I don't mean "bronde," but definitely not BLONDE.

Terms that might be helpful to describe the look to your stylist might be "honey" or "champagne"...or talk some shop and ask for a "Neutral Level 9 Blonde." Annie here is neutral in a cornsilk blonde.

Another option would be to add some neutral lowlighting or stretch rooting into your current blonde look. And if you REALLY want to up your game, ask for a shadow root as well, just like Renee! That addition made her feel updated and that she had a serious change, without sacrificing her "blondeness" OR having to come in for a color correction in the spring!


Here trending has also been keeping it richer and darker, but we've got a couple of options -- high contrast or low contrast. Regardless, the goal is to keep it all NEUTRAL, so nix words like "caramel" or "mocha" from your Fall vocab.

A low-contrast look would be dimension that keeps the shades within 3 levels of each other -- like here, where I've got Karen in a black coffee base with a bark foiliage. Elegant and dimensional, both balanced brown shades, without a bit of blonde.

Or you could go the direction of Stephanie here, and go high contrast. This means keeping your base dark, but opting to keep 5+ levels difference between your root and your ends. But remember, the lighter your base color is, the even lighter your ends will need to be in order to get a high contrast look. Balanced, neutral tones from root to end are still the way to go, and techniques like color melting will help you keep your brunette identity while reaching for those pops of "light latte" blonde.


Gingers (or the ginger-at-heart) also have a couple of options this year, both (naturally) having food-inspiration names.

Heather is rocking the "cinnamon auburn" shade. This would best be described as a heavy-on-the-red reddish-brown, and using a true red tone (not a natural red) in the mix. She's also got some slightly brighter, more coppery pieces melted in to add dimension and interest.

And then, there's Emily. She is a TRUE natural red head (both genetically and with assistance), so she looks PHENOMENAL in a warm, copper-based red. Yes, this one is going by the ever present"pumpkin spice" this year. If you ask for this shade, just know this is an orange-gold based red -- and your colorist will likely add pieces of copper, red, or auburn to make it pop that much more. Yes, it's a red-on-red-on-red look. And YES, it's absolutely GORGEOUS.


Alright my rainbows and unicorns, what's in store for you? Before we (HINT) switch over to the jewel tones of winter 2020, this fall we're actually keeping it on the softer, sweeter side.

Depending on how you pair it, and how light you go, we're settling in on a shade somewhere between rose gold and peach. The beauty of this shade is that it can be tailored for just about anyone, between a solid color. a full head of babylights, or a balayage on a brunette.

The peachier tone is the more conservative of the two shades (think a slightly more orange strawberry blonde), and the pink is more fashion-forward. Pairing either with a blonde will be more of a statement, using it as a balayage tone on a brunette will make it more muted.

Asking for a stretch-root look WITH the peachy/rose gold is a great way to flirt with the concept without having to go ALL THE WAY.

Or, if you're not sure, why not add BOTH peach AND rose gold into your mix? Either way, these shades work best on pre-lightened hair -- which makes for a FANTASTIC transition from your grown-out summer highlights!

Don't forget to shampoo (infrequently) with COLD water, and use a color-depositing conditioner. Custom color-bombs are always available created with Olaplex No 3 and your exact pigment...this way you're getting treatment AND color in one easy step!

Man, Fall 2019 has got some amazing options for color trends, and so many to choose from? I'd love to know, which direction are you considering? Post your thoughts down below!

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