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Extending that Style Monday Through Friday

I often get a look of surprise when I tell folks I essentially heat style my hair once a week. I didn't realize it was all that unusual, until I kinda did!

I thought about it and I have a few strategies that helps me get my hair through the week with minimal heat damage -- here's a list of my best tips for you!

It Starts Here

For me, with my once-weekly shampoo, I need to make sure I have my hair completely free of the product (and oil) buildup from the last week. If I'm not too icky I'll use Olaplex No 4 (my fave) and lather twice. Twice a month I'll make sure to use my absolutely new favorite clarifying shampoo (message me if you'd like to know what it is). Depending on where you're at with your K18 protocols, you'll either stop there and use that when you get out of the shower, or use a hydrating conditioning hair mask and let that sit for as long as possible.

The Blowout is Key

I know letting your hair air-dry is very tempting, but if you deal with frizz, cowlicks, or hate your natural texture, this just won't work for getting you through the week. If you're wanting smooth, super soft hair, opt for the Color Wow Dream Coat. One warning -- because my hair is so soft from using that, often my style won't hold all week. But if you're doing for sleek, straight hair, this would be the correct product. Just don't forget that round brush! Otherwise I like to use VERB Ghost Prep as it's designed to be the foundation for additional styling, provides style memory, and is a heat protectant.

Prep the Style

Regardless of whether you're wearing your hair straight or curly, it's important to do two things: apply your serum heat protectant first, then spray your hair with a medium-hold aerosol hairspray. Be sure to lift up your density and spray everything under your topmost layer. Wait a few seconds to make sure you're dry, then gently brush out your hair. You'll never feel it in there! The hairspray also keeps your style longer and provides an invisible shield against the mist/humidity/rain so you don't frizz or flop! Want to know which serum heat protectant is right for you? Email me and I'll give you a personalized recommendation.

PRO TIP: If you're curling and your hair never wants to seem to hold a curl, go one barrel size down than the usual recommendation. Your curls might be a little too tight on day one, but the'll relax come day two and look great the rest of the week.

Styling the Style

Be sure to let your iron work (straightening or curling) cool before running your fingers through it. If you're curling, also spray those curls one more time and let that dry before disturbing them. I prefer using my fingers (over a wide-toothed comb) because I get more control -- plus a comb removes more of the curl. That's great if you want a "soft beachy-ness" on day one, but you'll also need to recurl your hair at least one more time during the week. To give the curls more memory OR smooth out straightened hair, I apply a pea-sized amount (or less) of Olaplex No 6 -- scrunch those curls or smooth over straightened hair.

Preserving the Style

Once I get home, I scrunch another pea-sized drop of Olaplex No 6 through my curls and loosely tie that up with a cloth or silk scrunchie. I'll do the same (but smooth, not scrunch the product) if I straighten my hair, but I might have a small bump I'll need to smooth through the next morning. Also know that if you take it out of the scrunchie to "readjust," you'll be disrupting the style -- so once it's up, leave it alone! :) Sleeping with your hair tied up at night and using a silk or satin pillow case is KEY. I can't stress that enough, and even if you're doing everything else but that, I promise your style won't make it thought the week.

Restyling the Style

The next morning I make sure to keep my hair in the scrunchie until I'm ready to restyle it -- including putting it up in my shower cap or towel turban. I then flip it upside down and using another pea-sized drop of Olaplex No 6 I will shake out my curls at the root/base of my hair only. If I need to recurl or straighten a wonky bit (*technical term), TWO THINGS: reapply a drop of heat protectant on that area and turn that temperature down!

Cruising Into the Weekend

No matter how well I prep or work to preserve my style, by Friday things can be looking a little sad. If that happens, I rock a high pony to make use of the texture I have left -- and that style is still faster than recurling my hair. The best part: you're in luck, here's a youtube tutorial I put together last year to show how to do that! In an absolute worst-case scenario you'll see me in my spacebuns, because a) they're easy and b) they're cute on everybody.

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