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Blend That Grey Away

First you noticed a strand here or there, but then all of sudden the grey hair is everywhere.

What if you're not ready to embrace it, but you've never been a fan of solid hair color (ugh, the maintenance!)?

Or, if you identify as a brunette or a redhead and feeling like going blonde is inevitable but it just isn't you?

Blend 'Em, Baby!

My second method for dealing with grey is great for folks who are dealing with about 25-50% grey hair who are still comfortable with letting some of that silver show.

This is the one where we break out the foils, and very delicately and strategically place a combination of "highlights" and/or "low lights" around the head. Why quotes? It all depends on your natural hair color and how much grey you've got.

If you're dark and are tired of the very obvious (but not too many) grey strands, let's add some light blonde pieces in to make the grey look like it's part of your highlighted look.

If you're dark and dealing with 50% silver, let's add in some of your "natural" color to create balance as well as some lighter "sandy blonde" strands to make those greys look like a platinum highlight.

If you're a blonde with silver flecks, let's "low light" you with your natural shade of blonde and highlight you with something bright, pale, and sunny.

And my gingers? Nothing blends better with grey -- as well as brings back that coppery feeling -- like a "low light" in a strawberry blonde.

Are you preeeeeeety silver, okay with it, but feeling too washed out? Let's do some low lighting to bring in balance, dimension, and return a more vibrant glow to your skin tone.

Maintenance on these do require semi-regular visits back to the salon, especially if we're adding in either highlights with lightener or low lights with a permanent color (which is not my preference).

Curious about the maintenance strategy? Plan on visits about 8-10 weeks for blending plan of attack.


Don't forget, grey hair is often more frizzy and coarse than our pigmented hair. Going in with a blending strategy allows me to target your natural graying pattern and treat your hair with Olaplex and a light dose of love that will smooth out that wonky texture.

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