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A Peaceful Pause

I've been thinking (scary, I know)......

This time of year can get pretty hectic and stressful.

Heck, the past 18 months are the NEW definition of stressful.

Do you ever wish you had a moment just to pause, be still, and have a quiet few minutes to yourself?

This holiday season I would like to offer exactly that as my gift to you!


At the bottom of your appointment reminder email you'll see the complimentary Peaceful Pause option available.

Think of it as little mental and energetic vacation in the middle of your day!

This option tailors your appointment into the type of quiet space you'd like to have:

* Beyond the consultation, there will be minimal conversation (yes, this option really is for a quiet appointment).

* I'll have your preferred beverage and snacks ready for you -- selection are listed in the confirmation email including Peppermint Patties, spiked Gingerbread lattes, and the return of Mimosas!

* If it's a no-makeup day, add some chilled cucumber slices to your time at the shampoo bowl.

* Tell me your favorite Pandora station, Apple music playlist, or genre and I'll already have it on.

* Are podcasts your jam? Let's get your next episode cued up!

* Want some time to catch up on your streaming shows? I promise I won't be offended if you'd rather watch than chat.

* Do you need to make it a working appointment? Bring your laptop and connect to our Wifi for ultimate multi-tasking.


As much as I love having the time to chat and catch up with you, I also want to offer the time and space for quiet self care if that's something you'd like.

As an introvert myself, I know how important and powerful that type of space can be.

Taking a quiet spot for yourself can be very healing and rejuvenating. Even if it looks like you're doing "nothing," I promise your spirit and mental health know that this decompression space void of any pressure or expectations can literally be everything.

I really want to encourage you to take advantage of this option and take the actual time to get in the self-care that you truly need.

Sometimes the best gift is absolutely nothing. <3

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