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That's It, I Have Had It!

Ohhhhhhh, I am SO done with the hard water in the Willamette Valley!

I speak with at least one client per day about how damaged their hair is because of our hard water. Honestly, it doesn't matter where you live in town, our water is all 100% crummy.

I'm sorry, but the hard water softeners on your well isn't helping. I wish it was. And nope, that fancy-schmancy filter on your shower head isn't doing the trick, either.

If your hair feels rough, frizzy, and dry (despite using the best products), it's because it's continuously coated in hard water minerals.

Is your hair constantly breaking towards the ends? It's the weight of the minerals putting tension on your hair and causing it to snap off.

Ever notice how great your hair feels after a color service, but then feels terrible after you wash it at home? The ammonia in the color strips the minerals out of your hair when you come to see me, but it gets coated right back up again the next time it's exposed to hard water

Does your hair (blonde or brown) go brassy within 3-4 weeks of a color service? It's the minerals discoloring/staining your hair and fading the color out faster than it should.

The hard water continues to limit what I can do with my clients' hair because it's so vulnerable and compromised. It undoes all of these gorgeous colors my clients and I co-create. And it makes me so sad to listen to my clients talk about how their hair won't grow because it breaks off all the time.


So many of you are doing great with my best home prescription, using Malibu C's Hard Water Wellness Shampoo and the Joico Moisture Recovery Treatment Mask each and every time you wash your hair. But I hate to say it....for a lot of us, I just don't think it's enough to combat this overwhelming problem. And shy of washing your hair in bottled water at the kitchen sink (really?? This is what we're reduced to??), how do we get ahead of this?


Enter my new in-salon treatment, the Hard Water Hair Restoration Service.

Malibu C makes a Hard Water treatment only available to salon professionals -- it's some serious business. Think of it as their Hard Water Wellness Shampoo on steroids. To start, we'll be doing a beyond lather with these amazing crystals. Whatever is coating your hair won't stand a chance! Now that your hair is completely stripped of those hard water minerals, a full Olaplex In-Salon Hair Repair Treatment is next up. Olaplex has a very difficult time penetrating through that mineral shell -- and it can only repair and strengthen your hair if can get inside your hair.

Finally, your strands will be treated to a Luxury Moisture Mask. Because your hair has the ability to soak up every bit of moisture we can offer it, let's make sure we give it the biggest dose of thirst-quenching lipids we can!


If you are just sick and tired to your hair feeling just awful, why pop on over to the menu page and schedule yourself the Hard Water Hair Restoration Service?

Or better yet, the Hard Water Hair Restoration Service doesn't have to be done separately from a color service -- it can be a complete add-on to your regular appointment! Just know that this takes a bit of time to complete all of these steps (about an hour), so we'll need to pre-plan and adjust your appointment accordingly.

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