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Your Glam Squad is Here!

Holiday lights in dark trees

The Holidays have officially arrived! With all the fun and festivities and hosting and parties, I'm sure you've felt the pressure to make your day-to-day look POP with a bit more sparkle. I mean, if this isn't the time to pull out all the glam stops, then when is?

I know you've either just been in to see me or you've got your appointment coming in a matter of days, so we know your color and cut will be on point. Frequently during appointments I'm told, "This is great, but how am I going to pull this off at home?" Or, "I need to do something a bit more extra special, but I don't know how to even where to start!" But don't worry, I'm here with tons of easy suggestions that I know you can do at home!

Did you know I'm a makeup artist as well as a hairdresser? I love helping clients create a brand-new look for themselves, not just a new 'do! If you ever have questions or want a suggestion, just ask away.


Here's a couple of my favorite suggestions when it comes to the eye...

...quick, easy to master, and come with big payoffs!

Green eye with arched brow
  • It's super important to select your correct shade of under-eye concealer. When in doubt go with a shade a touch too light than one a bit too dark, but ideally it should disappear into the skin.

  • If you struggle with dark circles (sing it sister!), try out a shade with a warm undertone regardless if you have warm or dark skin; the warmth will help cancel out the blue/purple tone under the eye.

  • Be sure to apply the product to your under-eye only, resist the temptation to drag it down a bit further to cheekbone! Placing it there will only highlight the cheekbone, creating a false depth/sunkeness/shadow to your under-eye; going too far down is suuuuuper counter-productive.

Women applying mascara

No time for eyelash extensions? Pick up a lash primer! The fibers add length and volume to what you have and really make a difference from just using mascara alone.

I've tried the spendier ones but always come back to the L'Oreal Paris Voluminous 300 Primer. It doesn't flake, clump, or bother my sensitive, contact-wearing eyes. Just be sure to curl your lashes (that's a must) and apply 2-3 coats on the front and back side of your lashes. Then apply 2-3 coats of your favorite mascara (also front and back) and you're good to go!

Woman holding coffee cup saying, "Brows Before Bros"

Eyebrows are key. And also seem to be the bane of everyone's makeup existence. Here's a trick: pick the brow with the arch you love (don't lie, you know you have a favorite) and fill in/detail that arch first. Then fill in towards the nose, then finally the tail. That arch is pivotal to framing your whole face,so give her the love she deserves. When you get it how you like it, match your other brow to the one you just did.

My new favorite brow product is the Benefit Brow Contour Pro. The four-color-in-one "pen" will help you fill in, define, and highlight your brow like nobody's business! It's so easy to apply (it's just like coloring), you can "erase" any mistakes by using the flesh-toned colors, and the texture looks so natural! Go check it out and be sure to ask a Benefit representative about it -- they'll identify your shade and they'll teach you how to use it. You've gotta love that!!!!

Blue eye wearing red eye shadow

Bringing out the eyes is all about contrast, and we do that in the beauty world by using complimentary colors.

  • With blue eyes, use a copper tone or a warm-based brown eye shadow. The subtle orange in the background will contrast against your blue beautifully!

  • For green eyes, shoot for a purple! Whether you try a violet smokey eye or a grape-y eyeliner, this will totally enhance your shade.

  • Hazel folks get a choice: do you feel more green or more brown today? Go with a red-based pink color -- think a warm brick or a red-violet -- if you're wanting to bring out the green. Or, if you'd like to be darker today, a beautiful neutral eye in varying depths of browns is the way to go!

  • Brown-eyed girls are lucky because they get all the shades! Play and experiment, especially in the bold end of the pool! My personal preference is to see pinks and peaches (and maybe a pop of yellow -- trust me, its gorgeous) on warmer skin tones, and teals/greens on my cooler/olive folks. If that sounds too intimidating, start with just an eyeliner! It's a more understated way to make an impact.


  • Use a white eyeliner in your lower waterline (the inside rim of your bottom lid) to make your eyes appear whiter and more rested/awake.

  • Wanna try a cat eye/winged liner? I've used every type of product out there (pencil, liquid, gel) and I've got to say that the Kat Von D Tattoo Liner is the best out there. Between ease of application, pigment, and staying power, its a complete winner.

  • Navy blue is an awesome color to switch up your usual black routine. It works great on all eye colors and skin tones, makes the eyes appear whiter, and it's dark enough that it doesn't read blue. Try either navy blue eyeliner or mascara....or BOTH!

  • Want to go waaaaaaaay outside the box with your look? Red eye shadow is THE color this year. No I'm not kidding. It's surprisingly versatile and won't make you look like the undead. Just be sure your under-eye concealer is on point, and blend blend blend!


Okay, now for the lips...

African-American woman with red lipstick

Unless you're going for that Insta-look at your event (and I do consider that a valid lifestyle choice), I strongly recommend selecting either an intense eye OR a bold lip. How to choose? Decide which is your favorite feature and go for it!

Nothing says "Holiday Party" like a gorgeous red lipstick! I love Fenty's Lip Paint in Stunna for warmer skin tones and Clinique's Pop Matte Lip Color in Peppermint for cooler/olive complexions. Both are long-wearing matte formulas with lip primer built right in, which makes for great coverage that doesn't require too much touching up throughout the night.


Literal Holiday Bling

Glitter lipstick look

I'm an adult who wears glitter. On my face. To work. And I get asked all the time who makes it and where to buy it!

Glitter has made a HUGE return in 2018, and if you were going to try it, this time of year is the perfect time!

Lemonhead LA is the only ONLY brand to get! It's easily applied, has ZERO fall-out, easily removed with water, COMFORTABLE, and vegan. You can wear their glitter products on the face, body, or hair -- totally your choice. Plus it can go on top of any other cosmetic product you have on without erasing it.

  • Want to be subtle? Go with the Houdini highlighter. The finely-milled iced lavender shade completely disappears and reappears at various angles, and reads as an electric LED-effect on camera. Sometimes I wear it over eye shadow, sometimes I just pop it in the corner of my eye to look more awake. And sometimes I wear it as my cheekbone highlight.

  • If you'd like something a bit more bam!, my best recommendation is their Crystal Tokyo Spacejam; it's a magical combination of both warm and cool holographic metallics. In my opinion it's by far their most versatile glitter. I pair it with both warmer shadows and cooler/neutral looks -- the metallic tones go with just about any outfit I wear. The majority of this Spacejam is finer pieces but has just the right amount of larger diamond shapes for interesting dimension...and make it look like the designer cosmetic glitter it is.

Blonde woman with curled party updo

Finally, let's chat about your hair. Here's a few insider quick-tips on how to achieve salon styles at home that will last all party long!

  • Prep your hair the day before with a mousse to give your blow out or curls memory.

  • Use dry shampoo at the root to give you lift and movement the day of styling.

  • Spray your hair with an aerosol hairspray and brush it out before curling or flat-ironing. This provides heat protection, an anti-humidity barrier, and style memory.

  • If you're planning an updo, curl it all first! The added texture makes it easier to style and for the hairpins to hold.

  • For that romantic undone braid/chignon look, the trick is to puff on a bit of texture powder for piecey-ness and hold before pulling it apart/loosening it up. My new favorite is the Paul Mitchell Invisiblewear Pump Me Up. It's not gritty/sticky like all the other texture powders I've tried, plus it has a whisper of a pigment so that it disappears when sprayed on the outside of your hair.

  • Shine it up! Healthy hair is shiny hair, so don't forget to top off your style with a lightweight shine spray.


This post is all about sharing the wealth! I have the feeling you might know some folks who might like to add a little holiday glamour, so why not click the link and pop this on your social media feeds?

I would absolutely love to know if you're going to try out any of these suggestions over the holiday season -- comment and let me know which one(s) you're going to try out!

Or even better yet, take a picture of your look and tag me on social media at

(FB) stylistcortneypinion1 or (IG) @style_haus_salem.


Last, but not least, thank you for supporting Style Haus Salem

and making 2018 the best yet!

I want to wish you and your family a Happy All The Holidays and a very wonderful 2019.

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