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Silky Hair for All Seasons

Halo Couture Silk Spritz Luminous Hair Oil

Since last June I've been working with Halo Couture hair extensions, and let me tell you it's been so much FUN radically transforming my clients' looks -- talk about instant gratification!!!

But did you know that they carry an entire line of hair care products? I know they are designed to be paired with their 100% human remy keratin coated extensions, but I stumbled across one of their products that I can guarantee is perfect for everyone!

The Halo Couture Silk Spritz Luminous Hair Oil is the item that when you think, "I kinda want a little something extra for fall," I'm going to say GIRL, TREAT YO' SELF!

I can tell you all about the amazing things the manufacturer says it does (and don't worry, I will), but let me tell you what it's done for me time and time again.

  • This is a deeply hydrating, lightweight oil mist. Because my hair is so dry (over-processing) and frizzy (longer length = unknown texture??), I need something that will calm it down. A couple of spritzes leaves my hair soft and silky, without any greasy texture. Plus, as I don't wash my hair more than twice a week, it doesn't make my hair additionally greasy as the week wears on. My BFF asked me not too long ago what I'd been doing to my hair to make it look so healthy and soft after I fried it last year...I literally said nothing extra than what I had been doing, except for adding this!

  • This is a crazy amazing heat protectant! Y'all know how much I love Chi Silk Infusion (and I still do), but this will do you one better....because this product is able to conduct heat into the hair's cortex while protecting the cuticle, my curls have incredible memory even days AFTER I last used a curling iron. I'm not kidding!!! Without any additional products like hairsprays or memory foams, I am able to wear Tuesday's curls into sometimes Thursday or Friday without having to re-curl my hair. Talk about preventing any additional heat damage, plus what a time saver!!!

  • The amount of dimension this product gives my hair color is INSANE. I've been wearing my hair up throughout the summer, which can make the dimension become more invisible/mottled. The amount of compliments I get on my color in a bun is unreal. It's the highly reflective (yet non-greasy) shine that brings out all of the highs and lows in my hair.

  • THIS. STUFF. IS. HUMIDITY. RESISTANT. I can't say this loud enough. Between the humid summer days and now the rain of the early fall, my flat-ironed hair does not get frizzy after application and my curls don't fall flat when they get sprinkled on. Talk about a PNW necessity!!!

  • And then there is the scent. On top of hydration/anti-humectant/memory features, the gorgeous tropical rain forest-I-can't-describe-it scent also lasts for days! If you tie your hair up at night, when you let it down the next morning, I promise it'll still be there. The Silk Spritz is beyond a traditional hair perfume, it will also double as a hair deodorizer -- I've also used it to combat food/restaurant smells that get absorbed in my hair, and it works!

  • Finally, it's about the investment value. Because just a little of this multi-tasking product keeps going and going, one bottle will keep you in luminous hair for the better part of a year. I've been on the same bottle since early June, and I'm not even a third of the way through it!

If you're curious about the official skinny from the manufacturer, here's what Halo Couture says.....

"HALOCOUTURE® Silk Spritz Luminous Hair Oil quick absorbing, weightless mist eliminates frizz and gives hair a lustrous, sleek look. The lightweight oils from the Amazon protect hair with heat activating ingredients that guard against thermal styling. HeatWave Technology protects the cuticle and hair shaft by locking in Peptides and Proteins, effectively controlling the structure of each strand. Rich in vitamins and minerals, Silk Spritz dramatically reduces drying time and adds softness and luminous shine. This vibrant, soft fragrance is a natural blend of Water Hyacinth, Açaí Berry, and Brazilian Rosewood."

I'd say that's a pretty accurate summation!

I've got the $24 Halo Couture Silk Spritz Luminous Hair Oil in stock here at the studio, ready to be taken home. The next time you're in, don't forget to ask me to try is out on you -- I guarantee it'll be love at first spritz!

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