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They FINALLY did it!!!

Olaplex 3 4 5 System

Hang on...I've got to catch my breath from running in circles around the studio.....

You know I love Olaplex. Every day, all day long, Olaplex Olaplex Olaplex! It's in your color. It's in your lightener. I use it as a base for my fashion color pastels. You get treated with it at the shampoo bowl. It's the only product that can possibly resurrect hair that's been pushed past the brink of anything remotely ok.

I can go on and on about the science behind Olaplex....and I have. Like in this post from November 2017, which is actually a post ported over from my old website, written waaaaaay back in August 2014. I've been on this bandwagon as soon as they released this to the hairdressing public, and for about six months before that (just waiting to get my hands on it).

I've only had one complaint about the home treatment this whole time -- it's an extra step that's 1) sometimes tough for clients to understand and 2) difficult to regularly work into one's shampoo schedule. I have waaaay too many clients (and -- confession -- me as well) who understand what Olaplex does, are absolute believers in what it can do for their hair, but skip it more than they should because ain't nobody got time for that.

Basically, an at-home Olaplex treatment has become the hair equivalent of flossing.

But no longer!

Olaplex finally finally created their own shampoo and conditioner! Knowing that absolutely nothing will replace a weekly (or more) Olaplex No 3 treatment, we now have cleansing and moisturizing products designed with Olaplex's technology. Though we may not have time for a treatment, we all know we have to make time to wash and condition our hair....and rebuild broken disulfide bonds while we do it!

Olaplex No 4 is their shampoo. Don't let the small bottle fool you, this shampoo lathers so much that a dime-sized amount is recommended for even the thickest of hair. If you're not lathering to your bubbly satisfaction, just add a little extra water and see what happens!

The No 4 shampoo was formulated to be 100% color-safe, paraben- and sulfate-free, and perfect for all hair types. It rebuilds disulfide bonds and hydrates hair with every wash, while adding moisture and increased manageability.

Olaplex No 5 (I bet you're picking up a theme, here) is the new conditioner. And again, though this bottle may be small, it is mighty! Be sure to store it upside down in the shower for easy dispensing. Despite it's dense consistency, the conditioner adds moisture without adding excess weight. Plus is also helps to decrease frizz plus repairs and restores broken disulfide bonds.

This system is perfect for all hair types, both virgin and color-treated hair. For my unicorn tribe: there really couldn't be anything better to shampoo, condition, and treat very processed hair with a finicky color palette. Plus, I am more than happy to turn your Olaplex No 3 into your own customized color bomb!

All three products retail for $28 each, but because I want to make sure the whole regimen is done at home regularly, I would like to offer the Olaplex No 3-4-5 System as a package deal for $60, a $24 savings.

Along with my new, larger, and more fabulous studio, I now have a gorgeous retail area! Don't leave without picking up the Olaplex No 3-4-5 System, along with your other favorite styling products!

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