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Angels Aren't the Only Ones Who Wear Halos

BIG NEWS!!! I don't know if you've seen any of my recent posts (including my first-ever Facebook and Instagram Lives), but I have decided to expand my hair extension services. Historically I have exclusively worked with Babe hair extensions, but after coming across a revolutionary new method of hair extensions, I knew I had to be able to offer them to all of you!

I am so excited to welcome Halo Couture to Style Haus Salem!!! Why the addition, you ask? Let me tell you....

I love love love Babe products; their tape-in and flat i-tip extensions have made so many of my clients fall back in love with their hair. But the limitation has always been in regards to clients who have thin/fine/fragile hair -- or in other words, the clients who really need hair extensions. Both of these methods have been too heavy or bulky for fine/vulnerable hair. The tension the wefts place on their original hair has almost always proven to be too much -- the tape ins/i-tips come right out of the hair, pulling the client's hair with it, causing significant hair loss.

Halo Couture offers hair extension solutions for every possible issue out there! The halo method is their best selling product -- think of them as a reverse headband that fits around the crown of the head (hence the "halo" name) and under your existing hair. They're comfortable, undetectable, easier and quicker to apply than clip-in extensions, require zero in-salon maintenance appointments, and come in over 30 colors that can be toned to perfectly match your own hair! Here's a quick bit of info about their halo extensions:

The other main issue has been for clients struggling with thinning/hair loss right at the crown. Due to their design, tape-in and I-tip extensions are bulky where they attach to the head and are extremely visible if placed towards the top of the head to disguise thinning hair. So how on earth do we address that?!?

Looking for a little bit of fun? Why not check out Halo Couture's Ponytail piece!

  • The 16" ponytails come in the 23 original colors.

  • These attach with an interior silicone comb and have an extra section that wraps around the base for a seamless finish.

  • The Ponytail is the perfect foundation for more elaborate up-do styles!

But don't worry my tape-in folks! Halo Couture carries a full line of Tape-In Extensions made of the same gorgeous, high-quality hair!

  • Their Tape-In line comes in 39 shades (original, rooted, and balayage) and in three different lengths.

  • Because of their higher quality adhesive, Halo Couture Tape-In Extension maintenance appointments can be scheduled for every 8 weeks (instead of the recommended four with the Babe line).

  • Looking for some fashion color fun? Their Tape-In Prism collection comes in 10 different colors and in two different lengths!

  • Halo Couture also just released their fusion line of tape-in extensions; these are more easily disguised in the hair, which means they can be placed higher in the scalp for additional fullness!

  • All of the tape-in extensions can be added to the Original Halo, Layered Halo, and The Fall, creating a truly customized look for each and every client!

If you're getting married, going to Prom, or otherwise have a very special occasion coming up, consider adding in Halo Couture extensions to radically change your up-do and formal styling options!!! If you don't believe me, go follow them on Instagram @halocoutureextensions to see all that these amazing extensions can do!

Do you have questions? Are you curious? HOW ABOUT TOTALLY STOKED?!?! Schedule a complimentary consultation appointment to discuss all of your options, a customized best length and density recommendation for you, and to color-match your hair. We'll also need to chat about the Halo Couture Home Care Products you'll need to care for these keratin-treated silky strands of gorgeousness.

PS -- If you're thinking I'm not getting one of these, you'd be nuts! My Layered Halo might just be in the mail to me as I type.... Once I custom color it (because I'm extra), I'll be posting a video on how quick and easy these are to put in and wear every day. Keep checking both FB and IG, I'll be updating very soon!!!

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