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A Total Damage Rewind

So, y'all know how much I love Olaplex -- and if you haven't been in to see me (yet!), it's something that always comes up during a color service. It's in your color, it's in your lightener, it's in your gloss, it's that 10 minute marinade before your shampoo. And don't even get me started on all the crazy science behind it all!

Word on the street is that Olaplex is in the works of developing a shampoo and conditioner product for home use. It's coming, just not yet. But until then, I've been testing out this crazy, amazing stuff!

Matrix has created a new, cutting-edge, three step shampoo/pre-condition/conditioner system designed to refortify weakened and over-processed hair. The Total Results Re-Bond product line states that by using it as directed, it can undo the damage of the past THREE lightening services! Those are some pretty big claims, but I have to report significant improvement in my hair since I started using the system about three weeks ago.

So, how do you use it?

First, start with The Re-Bond Shampoo. This is a gentle-yet-deep cleanser free of any scent and color. Matrix created the Citric Acid formula to cleanse product buildup so that steps 2 and 3 can do some deep repair.

Second, rinse and follow with The Re-Bond Pre-Conditioner. But what's a pre-conditioner, you ask? This is a step you use once weekly to prime your hair for step 3. This is an ultra-intensive, moisturizing formula that uses Malic Acid to reconnect and reinforce the bonds left weakened from lightening and color services. Now here's the big difference: leave this on for 5-10 minutes and then do not rinse.

Finally, later the The Re-Bond Conditioner on top of the pre-conditioner. The Taurine-based conditioner, layered with the Malic Acid of the pre-conditioner, together seal in moisture and protect hair from the inside-out. You'll notice your hair is smoother, shinier, and more resilient against future damage.

The Matrix Total Results Re-Bond System recommends using all three steps once weekly, and then for the in-between washes, using just steps 1 and 3 (shampoo and conditioner).

This system is sold as a trio -- a 10.1oz Shampoo, 1.7oz Pre-Conditioner, & 10.1oz Conditioner -- through a licensed hair professional for $26. And when you pair this system with weekly Olaplex No.3 treatments, you'll be amazed at all the damage you can undo!

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