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A Brand New In-Salon Service!!!

It's not often I'm able to offer you all something new here at the shop, let alone the ULTIMATE TLC service when it comes to dry, abused, over-processed, heat-damaged hair. Over the last few months I've been kicking around some ideas when it comes to reviving even the most "un-revivable" hair, and I think I've got it!

But let me back this train up first....

Beautiful hair is healthy hair. Healthy hair needs three things to continue to be healthy: disulfide bonds, protein, and lipids. Let's take a second to talk about all three.

Disulfide Bonds

Hair, on a molecular level, is made up of disulfide bonds. The greater the amount of intact bonds the strand has, the stronger and more resilient the hair is. Disulfide bonds are broken every time hair is colored, bleached, brushed or combed when wet, blown dry, curled, or flat ironed. EVERY. SINGLE. DARN. TIME. When enough of these bonds are broken, the hair becomes weak, and it will ultimately break.

Olaplex is the miraculous, real-science product that has been either mitigating - or completely undoing - the damage we've all been doing to our hair. It finds the random, solitary oxygen and sulfur molecules in the hair strands and rejoins them to recreate disulfide bonds. When added to color or lightening services, it keeps the damage the color service is doing to the hair to a bare minimum. But, if the Olaplex No.1 and No.2 products are applied to the hair and layered at a much stronger concentration without the interference of a concurrent chemical service, disulfide bonds can be recreated at an incredibly fast rate.

At the salon you'll be treated with a full Olaplex treatment to help repair any past damage, as well as strengthen and refortify your hair before the next color/blow dry/flat iron onslaught.


Hair, on a structural level, is primarily comprised of protein -- specifically keratin. As we continue to color/bleach/heat style our hair, this treatment can and literally does create holes in the hair shaft. Also, ammonia is a key ingredient of the coloring and lightening process; it lifts the cuticle (outside layer) of the hair shaft enough so that pigment can be removed and/or deposited. Depending on the chemical service you're seeking, the cuticle can be left in a permanently raised position.

In healthy hair, the cuticle will lay flat and sleek, like fish scales. But in over-processed hair, the cuticle is rough and bristly.....kind of like the fur of an angry cat. Protein-based services coat the hair with a long-wearing protein, filling in the Swiss cheese-like holes to strengthen the structure, and coating the shaft to fill in the spaces left by the raised cuticle cells to make the hair smoother.

Following your Olaplex In-Salon Service, a Redken Clear Gloss treatment will be applied to your hair and processed under heat. The wheat protein in the gloss will fill in those gaps and holes, making your hair smooth. Plus, because it fills in the cuticle, it provides a flat surface for light to reflect off of, creating long lasting luster and shine! Extra bonus: the protein coating may make your hair feel a bit plumper, leaving you with more dense, more manageable hair for styling.


Hair, on a tactile level, needs lipids (fats) in order to be nourished, hydrated, and protected. Not to get all Chem-class on you, but most chemical hair services raise hair's natural pH (it's the alkaline-heavy ammonia I previously mentioned); hair needs a solid dose of a highly acidic deep conditioner to bring the pH back to normal, to close down the cuticle, to lock the artificial color molecules back into the hair shaft, and to create that luxurious "slippy" feeling that we all love to touch!

Which is why, after the glossing treatment is processed and shampooed out, you'll literally be topped off with Redken's All Soft Mega Recovery Tissue Mask Cap. Following the current K-beauty skin care trend (read: obsession), think of this more as a nourishing and moisturizing sheet mask for your hair. And oh my word does it ever smell AMAZING! This treatment is so intensive that it promises to provide noticeably silkier and softer results for at least three shampoos -- a promise to which my sad, sad hair can personally attest.

Before you leave, you'll be finished off with a blow dry and choice of a flat iron or curled style. Expect to spend about 90 minutes being pampered, treated, repaired, conditioned, and styled. This appointment really will take years of damage, frizz, dullness, and roughness off your hair, and leave you with lasting results! Head on over to the pricing or services page to find out more about price points. And as always, feel free to text -- or ask me at our next appointment -- any questions about this new Complete Hair Restoration service.

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