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Color-Safe CLARIFYING Shampoo???

Woman Being Shampooed at Hair Salon

The chief complaint I hear from clients is that their color safe shampoo just doesn't make their hair feel clean. Color-treated hair has very specific need, and nothing is more important than a sulfate-free, color-safe shampoo. It's the sulfates in shampoos that created the lather, giving us that bubbly, squeaky-clean feeling. However, those pesky sulfates are also responsible for raising the cuticle of the hair -- and once those cells are lifted, the shampoo then literally scrubs the color molecules out of the hair shaft. This results in either a faded color, a brassy color, reemerging grey hairs that had been colored over, or some combination of all three!

My thought is: if you're willing to spend hundreds (if not thousands!) of dollars on your hair each year, please please go the extra mile and protect your investment by using color safe shampoo! If not, you're likely washing your beautiful color down the shower drain!

But what if you (like me) are a total hair product junkie? Between the volume-creating products I use, plus limited mid-week shampoos, my product buildup can get a little overwhelming. But with my mega color-treated hair -- and mineral-rich water that makes my hair brassy -- not shampooing with my favorite Joico Violet Color Endure Shampoo is simply not an option. I like super clean hair, just like everyone else, but three lathers later, I sometimes still don't feel clean. So guess what I found......

Malibu Un-Do-Goo shampoo was exactly what I had been searching for! Believe it or not, this is a 100% sulfate-free shampoo that will absolutely remove styling product resins from your hair, but will not strip your hair of it's natural oils! I have been using this once per week (for my first lather, followed by my Joico lather for toning) for months, and I am so happy to report that my color has neither faded OR gone brassy! It also makes my dry, brittle hair feel soft and supple, and doesn't make it feel super stripped out or dry. And did I mention it smells like oranges and vanilla?!?!

Un-Do-Goo also has some extra perks, such as being paraben-free, gluten-free, is cruelty-free, and is 100% vegan. So it's great for your color, it's great for those with wheat issues, is great for the environment, and it's wonderful to our animal and insect friends!

Don't let it's thinner viscosity fool you -- a little goes a long way! I promise that this 9 oz, $16 bottle will last you for months. Malibu Un-Do-Goo can be a little tricky to find, so be sure to let me know if you need a bottle of this waiting for you at your next appointment!

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