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What Brush is THAT?!

Original Wet Brush, multi colors

I'd say at least once a day, after shampooing a client but just before combing out those tangles, I end up in a conversation that sounds a bit like this:

"Wait, what brush is that?!"

"It's called a 'Wet Brush.' It's made specifically to comb out tangles from wet hair."

"But you said to never ever brush wet hair!"

"Yep! And unless you're using one of these, then the advice still stands."

So what's the deal with these?

The Wet Brush was designed with super thin, strong, flexible bristles built into a soft, collapsible base. When these bristles come across a tangle, the base and bristles sense the resistance from the knot and instantly adjust, allowing you to comb out the knot with the minimum amount of resistance needed to get the job done. Just continue to go over the knot using light strokes until the knot is released.

Did I mention this brush was created specifically for wet hair? I really can't stress this enough! Using this brush will quickly and painlessly detangle even the worst knots in wet hair, eliminating hair breakage. Yep, you read that right. ;)

These are also amazing for the tender-headed folks in your life.

The Wet Brush is perfect for all hair types and densities...and the magic they work on hair extensions and other hair pieces is an absolute godsend!

Wet Brush Paddle Vent Brush in black

And if you're looking to up your blow dry game, I can absolutely tell you that the Wet Brush Paddle Vent Brush is the absolute bee's knees! Perhaps not the best tool for an initial wet hair brush out, but an absolute must for a quicker, smoother blow out that also preserves the health of your hair. Consider this brush your hair dresser's secret weapon.

Let me know if you're interested and I'd be happy to pick on of these guys up for you -- trust me, they're a big game changer, and you'll wonder where these have been all this time!

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