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Say Goodbye to Split Ends!

Salon Haircut

You know how sometimes, no matter how frequently we trim or how many heat-protecting products we use, we just can't seem to get rid of those pesky split ends? Or, even with keratin products/salon services, fly-aways and "puffy/fluffy" hair won't go away? Thanks to Strong Sexy Hair's Seal the Deal, we finally have the fix we've been searching for!

This light-weight, mango-scented formula is best used on damp hair prior to applying any addition heat-protecting product. Massage into mid-shafts and ends, blow dry, and watch the sleek miracle happen!

Seal the Deal is the perfect product for hair that has been damaged from heat, over processing or mechanical damage. This Split End Mender Lotion gives the appearance of healthy hair by SEALING AND SMOOTHING ENDS UP TO 92%*. • Specifically engineered to seal down hair cuticles that have been damaged through treatments including coloring, bleaching, perming and chemical & thermal straightening. • Seals split ends up to 92%* to provide soft, nourished and polished ends. • Delivers additional care, softness and shine. • Lightweight, it keeps hair looking smooth and polished without product feel.

I personally tried this product on my own over-processed ends and I could not believe the difference! If I want to wear my hair straight (my natural texture), I have historically needed to both blow dry and flat-iron my hair to remove as much of the split-end/frizzy/damaged appearance as possible. This process leaves my hair feeling stiff and still rough/knotty on the ends. But now, with the Strong Sexy Hair Seal the Deal, I can completely eliminate flat ironing my hair to make it look smooth and sleek! I am able to get my hair smoother with just the blow dry, and I get to keep my volume and a soft, touchable texture.

I still recommend layering a heat protecting serum on top of Seal the Deal (y'all know how I feel about Chi Silk Infusion), I don't feel this product provides enough of a buffer on it's own.

Also, despite it's use instructions, I would not recommend using this product in the hair just before flat ironing. Though it is almost undetectable in the hair after a blow dry, using this as a flat-iron cream made my hair gummy and stiff as all get out! I do have some hairdresser friends who love this as a finishing, anti-fly away cream, but again this just didn't work out well for me.

The next time you're in to see me, be sure to ask about Strong Sexy Hair's Seal the Deal! As Style Haus Salem's Product of the Month, it will be available to try out during your blow dry. And if you love the light mango scent, the silky texture, and the near-perfect elimination of your frizz/fly-aways/split ends, it will be available for purchase at $18.

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