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At Style Haus Salem, the experience begins long before the appointment starts!

Prior to booking your first session, we require that all first-time guests complete the New Guest Questionnaire.  This 5-minute questionnaire allows us to gather some imperative information from you, and gives us a great starting point for our relationship.




After submitting the form, Style Haus Salem will be in touch within one business day to touch base, to continue the conversation, and make some service suggestions.  Booking an in-person consultation appointment is a great way to get your questions answered in real time.

First time guests are also welcome to book a First Time Appointment Block if you feel comfortable doing so.

Pricing Guide

An innovative salon requires innovative pricing.

Unique: being the only one of its kind; unlike anything else

Custom Made: a one-of-a-kind item created to a specific order


Bespoke:  an item commissioned to the specific taste of an individual purchaser

At Style Haus Salem, every color is designed with you -- and only you -- in mind.

As each of our looks are co-created by each of our individual clients, our established-guest pricing also reflects the needs of each individual client.

Why does a balayage cost more than babylights?  What's the difference between a stretch-root, shadow-root, and a color-melt?Salon lingo has made it so confusing for guests to know what to ask for...and how to budget for the cost of their appointment!


Simplicity and transparency are key to any salon pricing structure, which is why Style Haus Salem has become a leader in the Willamette Valley by embracing hourly pricing plus the cost of chemicals.

Our base rate is $75/hr for all non-corrective, traditional color services. 

All chemical costs will be calculated in real time through our innovative partnership with Salon Scale.

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Service Menu

Full Foiliage/Balayage


Full Babylights


Partial Babylights


Solid Color


Partial Foiliage/Balayage


Full Babylights w/ Base


Partial Babylights w/ Base


Mini Highlight w/ Base


Faceframe Retouch w/ Shadow Root


(Single) Tone & Treat



(only available with color service)


What does my color service include?

  • A real-time calculation of all chemical costs using Salon Scale's technology.​

  • The addition of the Olaplex Bond Builder in lightener/color formulas as well as an Olaplex No 2 treatment post-color service

  • Moisture Recovery Deep Conditioning Treatment to lower the hair's pH post-color service; leaves the hair ultra silky and hydrated

  • The choice of blowout and thermal straightening or Style Haus Salem's trademark beach waves.

Appointment Add-Ons

You are welcome to add any of the additional offerings

to your color experience:

Color Wow Dream Coat

anti-frizz cuticle sealer that adds silky shine for 3 shampoos


ACV Exfoliating Cleanse

& Rebalance

Himalayan salt scalp scrub, smart-hydration moisture mask,& AVC soothing rinse removes scalp buildup and rebalances pH 


Redkin HeatCure Treatment

repairs intensive damage by heat sealing frizz-reversing and silky moisture into the cuticle; lasts 7-10 shampoos


Color Laminator Treatment

color sealer for prolonged color longevity and luster


Truss Net Mask &

K-Recovery Treatment

ultra-deep conditioning vegan keratin- & collagen-infused treatment; restores elasticity, strength, & shine


Olaplex Intensive Salon Treatment

layers professional-strength Olaplex No 1 & No 2 to the hair under heat to rebuild disulfide bonds; includes full-sized Olaplex No 3 for home treatments



  • I'm looking for fashion color/vivid services.  I didn't see them listed in the menu.

You didn't miss them, they're listed on a separate page!  Here's that information.

  • Help, I think I need a color correction!  Which service do I pick?

No worries, I've got you!  Here's the page just for color correction services.

  • I have absolutely no idea what I need, where do I even start?

Booking  a consultation appointment is a great option!  This will give us a change to get to know one another, give you an opportunity to discuss your hair goals, and let me complete a full hair health analysis for you.  From that appointment we can make a plan of action that you feel comfortable with, and we can go from there.

  • I'm looking to schedule a haircut-only appointment, but I didn't see that option.  How do I do that?

Unfortunately Style Haus Salem is not able to take on any new haircut only clients at this time.  If you are an established client, please send an email to see about scheduling options.

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