Cut & Blow Dry   $55

Cut Only    $35

Dry After Color Service   $20

Thermal Styling Add On   $15

Bang Trim   $15


Full Bleach   $250+

Bleach Retouch  $175+


Color Service Upgrade


In-Salon Hair Repair Service from $50


Solid Color   $100+

Glaze Only   $55+


Price Based on Consultation



Starting at $125


Mini Highlight $60+

Partial Highlight  $95+

Partial with Base Retouch   $150+

Full Highlight  $115+

Full with Base Retouch   $175+

Additional Colors/Toner   $15


Price Based on Consultation


Hydrating Treatment    $5

Cooling & Reconstructor Rx  $15

Luxury Moisture Mask   $25


Starting at $225

Balayage with Base Shift  $275


Certified Babe & Halo Couture Salon 

Weft Purchase Price Base on Consultation

Fitting/Maintenance $100/hr


Hair Color Menu

Full Foiliage/Balayage


Partial Foiliage/Balayage


Full Babylights


Full Babylights w/ Base


Partial Babylights


Partial Babylights w/ Base


Solid Color


Mini Highlight w/ Base


Moneypiece/Faceframe Retouch w/ Shadow Root


Shadow Root Add-On


(Single) Tone & Treat


Lowlighting Add-On


Additional Color

$10 per 1oz

What does my color service include?

  • Three ounces of any combination of permanent color, demi-permanent color, gloss/toning color, and/or lightener.

  • The addition of the Olaplex Bond Builder in lightener/color formulas as well as an Olaplex No 2 treatment post-color service

  • Moisture Recovery Deep Conditioning Treatment to lower the hair's pH post-color service; leaves the hair ultra silky and hydrated

  • The choice of trim/haircut and blowout or Style Haus Salem's trademark beach waves.

Appointment Add-Ons

You are a welcome to add any of the additional offerings

to your color experience:

Color Wow Dream Coat

anti-frizz cuticle sealer that adds silky shine for 3 shampoos


Hard Water Restoration Treatment

removes hard water mineral deposits, allows for other treatments to penetrate and repair hair


Color Laminator Treatment

color sealer for prolonged color longevity and luster


Truss Net Mask &

K-Recovery Treatment

ultra-deep conditioning vegan keratin- & collagen-infused treatment; restores elasticity, strength, & shine


Current hair color trends are much more complicated than ever before: gone are the days of a few chunky highlights with an eight-week retouch!

Wonderfully, today's clients are so much more educated about products and techniques. 

Inspiration photos often require a variety of skills and multiple chemical applications in order to make them a reality (thank you, Pinterest!).

There are so many hair buzz words, it's so easy to get attached to terms like "balayage," "color melt," "strandlights," "shadow root"...

when -- at the end of the day -- we're more interested in the final look than the technique to get there.

Not everyone is a great candidate for balayage...but that doesn't mean you can't look like you have one!

Hourly pricing for traditional color sessions allows for Style Haus Salem to create an appointment that is 100% customized to you

Cortney will use all of today's tricks to help achieve your new look, such as:

  * Balayage *  Foiliage *  Babylights *  Strandlights * Teasylights * Color Melting *  Stretch Root *  Shadow/Smudge Root *

Hourly rate starts at $100/hr.


​Returning clients, when booking please select the Custom Color appointment block as recommended by Cortney.


Uncertain which appointment block is best for you -- or are you looking to switch up your look? 

Email Cortney and she'll let you know the time allotment you'll need.



If you are a new client, we have a page dedicated just for you!