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Looking for an instant way to transform your look?

Are you needing some serious WOW factor for a special event or night out?

Do you have concerns about thinning/fine hair and just want to regain lost density?

Have you tried tape-in/i-tip/keratin/fusion/hand-tied beaded row extensions and they've damaged your hair?

Are you looking to avoid the big price tag that come with traditional sew-in or NBR extension methods?


Have you dreamed about having hair extensions but you just don't have the time for all of the constant maintenance appointments?


Style Haus Salem has partnered with Halo Couture Extensions to provide a variety of innovative and creative solutions for all of your hair extension concerns.

Halo Couture Extensions are a comfortable, damage-free alternative to all previously-known hair extension methods.

With over 30 colors, in 4 color styles, and 7 different lengths, Halo Couture offers the most expansive options for extensions.

All Halo Couture pieces are only created with 100% human remy keratin treated hair.  When you touch them, you'll immediately feel the difference from any other extension brand on the market.

For those struggling with thinning or visible scalps, Halo Couture has created an extension option that has -- up until now -- gives folks with this very common issue the ability to address the problem with an undetectable solution.

Read up on more information about our partnership with Halo Couture Extensions here.

The Process.png

It begins by completing the New Guest Consultation Form.






After reviewing your information, Cortney will reach out and schedule a 30-minute Hair Extensions Consultation appointment.


During this time, Cortney will talk with you about your current hair concerns, your length and density goals, and hair extension history you might have.  You'll discuss all of the different options to help get you to your ideal hair.

Please come with all the questions! 

This appointment is designed to inform and educate prospective hair extension clients.

If you decide to move forward, we'll select the best option and color-match your new extensions for a seamless blend.

Once pre-payment has been received, Style Haus Salem will be able to order your Halo Couture Extensions.

Within ONE WEEK you'll be back at your Hair Extension Fitting appointment!

Here you'll extensions will be installed and shaped to blend into your existing hair.

You'll also be educated about wear and home maintenance.

With proper care and love, your new Halo Couture Extensions have a 3-year lifetime, all without any in-salon maintenance appointments.

If you're looking for a little fun in your look, send us an email about our i-tip and tape in Impact Extensions.  If you're looking for an easy, low-maintenance, damage-free way to enhance your , we have just the solution for you!

Custom Colored 14" Halo and Fall
18" Layered Halo & The Fall
Halo Couture 18" Layered Halo
12" Original Halo with Custom Color
14" Layered Halo
12" Original Halo
22" Layered Halo
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